Time Series Not Working With Multiple serie in a Single query being reported as a single series

Long time user, first time caller.

Host is Dell R740xd server w/CentOS 7.9.2009
Grafana 9.3.2(21c1d14e91)
Mysql 8.0 running on the same server.

We’ve been using Grafana for about 6 years. Recently upgraded to 9.3.2. We are big users of time series graphs. The older graphs show up as type Graph(old). They work fine on the new version.

For new graphs built after the upgrade though we have a weird issue I can’t figure out. I don’t get multiple series in my graph. All series appear as a single series.

Query is of the form:

  • select timestamp as time, servername, cpuutil
  • from servercputable
  • where $__timeFilter(timestamp)
  • order by timestamp;

There are many servers in the table with their cpu reported hourly.

I am expecting the time series to show a line for each server and the legend to have each server name in it…

What I am seeing is one series called cpuutil and one line with the points of all servers showing up in that one series.

If I switch to table view I see all three columns time,servername,cpu.

No screen errors or log errors seen.

I hope this is something dumb I missed.

Thanks in advance,


Look at the Transformation tab for series that converts your data to multi series. This feature should really be auto based on data. I don’t like it and it trips up a lot of people