Line Graph From Table in Grafana

I am fairly new to Grafana and trying to create a line graph/time series visualization from tabular data. I currently have the following data in a CSV, but cannot render a line chart visualization using the Time Series panel option in my dashboard:

Date, Value
12/02/22, 25
12/11/22, 33
12/13/22, 24
12/19/22, 55
12/24/22, 48
12/27/22, 32
12/31/22, 19

After doing some research, it seems I may have to use a database (e.g. PostgreSQL) as a data source but need to confirm how to configure this resource and set up a table within it. Or if possible, a simpler transformation using the existing CSV would be easiest to visually display the data as a time series.

Does anybody have a recommended approach for this? Any guidance would be most helpful.