How to display my video web?

Good evening mates! Im actually displaying a video in a html page using python, raspberry pi and rpi cam. If i introduce "www.ip_devicecam:port/xxx.jg, i can see the web page displaying a video.

How can i display this video on my grafana dashboard?

Thank you very much!

In other words, i want to embed the video located in a web page located in my pc in the grafana dashboard

Try the AJAX plugin. I have it refreshing a .jpg image from our IP camera every 10 seconds or so. It’s not true ‘video’, but for us a new image every 10s is fine. Note that the image displayed is always the most current, i.e. if you change the time selector to 13:45, but the current time is 14:50, then the image will be from 14:50, while any other time-series graphs will be adjusted accordingly. Here is ours:

Could be a good idea. I was considering about using iframe in html editor and using the source (src) atribute get the video

@grant2 Hi, I have a file in S3 bucket and I would like to use in my grafana. Could you please let me know how this can be achieved? Trying to understand ajax panel fetching file in s3.