Real time dashboard/panel

I am logging sensor data and displaying it on Grafana on a raspberry pi. The pi will be placed in a remote location with an internet connection. I want to be able to view the Grafana dashboard/panels from a different country (on a square space website) in real time. (i dont want remote desktop connection to the pi, i can do that already)

I know i can embed the iframe onto square space but will that give me a real time graph? Because right now, according to my very little knowledge, i think it is only running locally on the pi. In addition, when i click on share dashboard > Link, i get a local link (localhost:3000/xxxxx) for the dashboard but i need an external link which i can excess from the internet. I get the same for share panel> embed> localhost:3000/xxxx

I tried using snapshot ( but i only get empty graphs. Also, i think the graphs wont update in real time in a snapshot anyway.

I would appreciate any help

Thank you

Hi @pulsetesla, there are three parts to this work flow:

  1. sensor/metric producer
  2. data storage
  3. visualization dashboard, i.e. Grafana

With remote setups, often the data storage element is on a cloud or internet-accessible location. Based on your description, it appears that all three parts are running locally on a Raspberry Pi (RPi). When you want to view the Grafana dashboard remotely with this setup it introduces a problem: you don’t have an internet-accessible site. This is evident from the local Grafana link, localhost:3000.

You’ll need to configure your network/internet settings to allow external connections to the RPi. Depending on the location, this may involve a global IP address from the ISP, or a dynamic DNS. If the RPi is behind a router, you may have to additionally configure firewall and port forwarding settings to let connections through.

Then you would access Grafana through the global IP address, e.g. or dynamic DNS, e.g. (check your authentication etc. requirements). Discussing the network configuration is beyond the scope of this forum, but you’ll find resources easily by searching online.

Hi @abirmkj

Thank you for the information! Do you know if there is a way to get run influxDB and grafana not locally? I’m assuming i have to pay in order to get the cloud storage feature.

Also, I tried setting up the DNS but i have to setup portforwarding on the router. Is there a way i can do this without port forwarding? The pi will eventually be connected to the internet using a GSM module or mobile hotspot

Hey! Did you get any solution to this query? Would love to know about it