How to share a real time panel in another WebSite

Hello everyone ,

I’m searching for a solution to share my panel , the case is I would like view my Graph Panel in another application but not a snapshot but in real time, when a copy the “Link to dashboard” and put in Iframe in another application , show for me all information in grafana header .
Can you provide me a solution , I’m sure this is possible and I would like how .

Thanks for support.
Pedro Figueiredo

If you open the Share options for a panel, there is an embed tab with an iframe link:


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Tks daniellee , that’s the solutions I was searching for , but is necessary to access grafana login in this way .

I will tty explain my case , in this scenario the person who accessing my application needs login in grafana to see the panel , is necessary has a logged session on browser .

There is another way or put in my application a logged session ?

Pedro Figueiredo

Have you seen the anonymous login option? You can configure Grafana to allow anonymous logins and then set anonymous users as Viewers (they can’t save or change anything just view dashboards). Usually easier than trying to mix authentication and iframes.

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Unfortunately isn’t possible because in my environment Grafana is a corporate application is not interest everybody have access all application .
I would like put a session authenticated in iFrame or my dashboard without need login

Do you have a idea if is complex ?


Hi, did you get a fix around this? I have the exact same issue, 3rd party login.

Same issue here. I can’t share out a real-time panel unless the users log into Grafana. I’m able to get get a snapshot out using but that doesn’t help our situation. We recently switched from Datadog and they had this feature so I imagine Grafana must have something similar and I’m just not seeing it. Anyone else doing this?