Embed real-time dashboard/panel

I am logging sensor data and displaying it on Grafana on a raspberry pi. The pi will be placed in a remote location with an internet connection. I want to be able to view the Grafana dashboard/panels from a different country (on a square space website) in real time.

I know i can embed the iframe onto square space but will that give me a real time graph? Because right now, according to my very little knowledge, i think it is only running locally on the pi. When i click on share dashboard > Link, i get a local link for the dashboard but i need an external link which i can excess from the internet.

I tried using snapshot (raintank.io) but i only get empty graphs. Also, i think the graphs wont update in real time in a snapshot anyway.

I would appreciate any help

Thank you

Firstly, this question really does not belong under the “development”

Secondly, it really doesn’t need to be posted with virtually identical wording
under two categories within 30 minutes of each other.

Thirdly, you already asked this question on Friday, so if you want further
assistance, please just update that thread.

Finally, you are asking how to access Grafan over the Internet, when it’s
running on a machine you can SSH to.

Therefore I think the answer to your question is to enter tha same address as
you’re using to SSH to into your browser with “:3000” added at the end.

If that doesn’t work, please tell us what the output of “netstat -lptn | grep
3000” shows when you run it as root on the Pi.

PS: Please don’t reply to this thread - let’s let it die so it doesn’t
distract anyone coming along in the future for the answer to the question -
please update your original thread with the answer.



I used a tunnelling service which allows me to view the dashboard over a public IP address.

Thank you very much for your help!

What are you using? I have the same problem!

I am using ngrok but you can also you pitunnel, it does the same thing.