Any panel could be used for playing videos in Grafana?

I’d like to have a panel in grafana to play a video repeatly? Any panel or other plugin could be recommended? Any guide?

Builtin text panel using the html mode.

Alternatively the AJAX plugin panel can maybe be used.

Hi, Marcus

Thank you so much for supporting on this.

I’ve tried the Built-in Text Panel as well as the AJAX, but seems I could not make it work, neither local picture nor local MP4 video file.

e.g. for Built-in Text Panel, I selected HTML mode, but how to link to a picture or a video which is on my PC, just type the normal path seems not work (for example, C:\Users\Latitude-7480\Pictures\A&A_Logo.png)

for AJAX, same as above, no success; could you give me one or two screen-shots to indicate the way you’ve made to display a local PC photo or to play a local PC video?

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe need to use the file://c:\... format?

Hi, Marcus

I could open the picture or movie by using Explorer or Browser by using file:///C:/Users/Latitude-7480/Pictures/A&A_Logo.png, but when I use it in Grafana Text or AJAX, I could not make it perform.

If you do have time, could you have a try to use Grafana Text to show a picture on the PC? Appreciates

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It’s probably due to a security exception. I get “Not allowed to load local resource” in Chrome for example when trying to load local file.

I would recommend you to add your image(s) to <grafana install directory>\public instead. Then you can reference your images in text panel using <img src="/public/<image file>.<extension>" />.