Using Text panel to show image - where to store image?

Hi everyone.

I see when ever the topic of displaying a custom logo comes up, the solution seems to be to use a text panel in html mode and add an image tag. I have a Raspberry Pi that is standalone (no internet access), so the image has to be stored locally on the Pi itself. Without having to run nginx or something like that on the same pi just for this purpose, is there a way to create a tag and put the image somewhere that is accessible by the system?


Copy to /usr/share/grafana/public/img/
In Text Panel:
<img src=/public/img/>


Allow me to revive this age old topic. Unfortunately I cannot get the tag method to show pictures. Strange enough it actually does work with the stock pictures that come in the public/img folder. Only ones that I add myself will not show up in the text panel. Any tip or trick that I am missing?

Found my problem apparently. The text panel does not like spaces in the filename. “random picture.jpg” will not work, “randompicture.jpg” actually will. It also secretly added extra space and a line separator which could be seen when inspecting the Panel JSON.
Using a filename without space and removing any accidental space and line separator in the tag solved my problem.


You are awesome buddy !!! :smiley:

Thank you, this work perfectly.

Hi, I’ve upgraded Grafana from 7.4.3 to 8.5.20 and that technique started to fail. The image files are in the same place, but grafana cannot load them. Which could it be the problem?