Add a photo on dashboard from raspberrypi

Hello Grafana Community,

How can I add a photo on dashboard from raspberrypi ?

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if you have grafana installed on the raspberry,
you can create a new folder, "PhotosRaspberry ", inside the grafana public folder. then you can create a text panel, and using HTML you can do something like the following:

<img src = "PhotosRaspberry/Image1.jpg">

I have not tried it, but I think it will work for you.

Nope, it doesn’t work

You’re right, it does not work,
but if you edit it in the following way it will work, I’ve already done tests.

<img src = "public/PhotosRaspberry/Image1.jpg">

Thank you for your help. My image is on my raspberry in /home/pi/Photos/IMAGE.PNG.

I tried but it doesn’t work. Have you an idea is relevant to this
question, however the discussion includes too little detail (what type of
panel? If text, markdown mode or html mode? What exactly went into the
panel query?) for me to be able to reproduce the reported success.

It may be worth following up that posting to see whether KHome or flopp999 can
give enough details for someone else to know the answer too.


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I’ve also just found however this doesn’t
work for me (Grafana 5.4.4).

It seems like maybe this used to work in older versions (that conversation,
like is also from just
over a year ago), and now no longer works in current versions of Grafana?


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You have to move the images to the grafana public folder, I tried it and it works.

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