Direct link rendered image - "rendered the panel title but not the image in a text panel"

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?
    Im using grafana v.9.2.2 and ubuntu linux

  • What happened?
    I’m experiencing an issue related to the direct link rendered image not rendering the image displayed from a img tag in html text panel with a query variable constructing the image url. The image does render in the text panel on the dashboard but takes around 20 seconds to render. However, in the direct link rendered image, my image doesn’t render for some reason. I have setup a docker container for the image renderer. The image from the text panel is setup in a way that it uses query and constant variables to construct the image url link for the html img tag. I am also trying to use a github grafana reporter api to extract the dashboard into a pdf file but the rendering of the image relies on the direct link rendered image.

In my text panel, the image renders on my dashboard but slow:

In the direct link rendered image result (shows only the title and a corrupted image icon):

Print that img url as a string instead of img html tag. That will show you if renderer was able to generate correct url for the image. It looks like that’s the problem.

Of course image url must be reachable by renderer, so no local filesystem or localhost urls.

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Where do you specifically printing the img url? in the text panel? doesn’t the url require it to be in the html box of the text panel?

Don’t t create html img tag <img src="url" />, just create text from that url, so url will be visible in the panel.
You have to be sure that url generated by the rendered is correct.

Ok, I created a test text panel with just an url as a string and clicked the direct link rendered image option. And got the following:

But how does that resolve the problem that my images are not rendering properly (only showing the corrupt image icon) in the direct link rendered image result? Or could it be some dependency problem? Thanks

Is that url reachable from renderer? Does it resolve to the image? enable debug logs on renderer and check logs.

Thank you for helping out. The images rendered after they were deployed as it was on a local server the entire time.