Image Renderer Plugin for exporting PNG of entire dashboards


The Grafana image renderer plugin 1.0.7 is able to export PNG of panels via “Share” > “Direct link rendered image” of a panel, but for some reason, it does not show up for the “Share” option for dashboards in Grafana 6.5.2.

The documentation notes that the plugin can generate PNG of both panels as well as dashboards.

This behaviour is also observed on Is there a way to have PNG export of entire dashboards using the image renderer?


You can use manually created render link .../render/dashboard/db/....


Keep in mind to use reasonable values for width/height parameters.

Panels are loaded asynchronously, so you may see rendered only loading icons for some “slow” panels instead of real panel content. Probably that is a reason, why direct link is not available in the UI.

Hi, @jangaraj.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve tried to replicate this with my local Grafana server and it turns out that the rendering fails while throwing a 500 server error triggered due to a 60 second timeout.

Would you suggest increasing the timeout, and if so, how? Or alternatively, would I have to play around with another setting such as the image dimensions?



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how is to and from value is provided.
What does it mean (such a huge value)