Adding Video/Stream to Dashboard

I want to add a video stream to Dashboard metrics that I will setup as a Kiosk display.

Is it possible to add the stream URL to something like the singlestat like a graphic?

Not but you can use the text panel in html mode and specify your video component there

Understand this thread is a bit dated but I’m wondering if anyone has successfully embedded a live video feed into a text panel. My use case is to embed a traffic camera feed from NYC. For example:

i implemented a live camera feed from a security camera we had on the premises. it worked fine.

Hi rmjames–could you provide some details around how you accomplished this? Thanks!

yeah. on the html part of the screen, I entered the stream URL of the feed. I can cut and paste for you what i did in another email

if I add a new text panel then under the options tab select html in the mode pull down then in the content window enter the URL:

I just get the URL in the text panel, no live video

This is the exact paste i use

Has Live video embedding example(image snapshot).

This is not solution for RSTP stream.

Any way to add rtsp:// stream to dashboard?

I have tried to use the text panel in html mode with the YouTube embed code but it just outputs the code. What do I need to do to show a YouTube video?

As mentioned in the thread below, this is related to the breaking changes introduced in 6.0. The text panel does no longer by default allow unsantizied HTML. #4117. This means that if you have text panels with scripts tags they will no longer work as before. To enable unsafe javascript execution in text panels enable the settings disable_sanitize_html under the section panels in your Grafana ini file, or set env variable GF_PANELS_DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML=true . :slightly_smiling_face: