How to disable refresh indicator in top-right corner of each panel

I was wondering whether it’s possible to remove the ‘refresh’ icons in the top right corner of each panel:

Right now, I have a dashboard with multiple panels that refresh each second. Seeing this ‘refresh flicker’ in the top-right corner for each panel at each second is simply not pretty and kind of obnoxious. I understand that it’s useful to know when the data is being refreshed, but if new values are being displayed anyway, these icons are only distracting for my purposes.

I looked in the settings and checked the possible environment variables, but could not find any related to this issue. Does this exist or is it simply not possible to turn this off?

I’m working in Grafana V8.1.1

Hi @lukasmahieu

Have you tried streaming data into your dashboard using Grafana Live, which was introduced in v8?

There’s no refresh on those panels, and at 1 refresh/s I’d say you’re getting close to the use case. Might be more performant as well. Certainly will be if you want to refresh at a much faster rate :+1:

you can hide by hijacking the index.html (screenshot below).
*NOTE: your query is probably taking longer than you think it is and that is why it shows up.

unfortunately you would need to do this after each update of grafana:

I do this on Grafana 7 and now 8 by tweaking the CSS as another poster above said:
.panel-loading { display: none; }

But instead of editing Grafanas CSS I use the Boom Theme plugin which allows you to add custom CSS to dashboards. You do have to add it to every dashboard individually though. You add a hidden panel to the dashboard and then configure the custom CSS within that panel.

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