Hiding/removing the loading spinner

I’ve actually opened a post about this a long time ago, but there wasn’t much of a response. The javascript tip doesn’t seem to work nowadays.

Lately I had to setup some grafana dashboards using a rpi, and unfortunately the loading-circle annoyance is still there.

Does anyone have a workaround? If not, can someone point me to where I’d have to modify the source to remove this functionality? Preferably I’d remove it without having to recompile, I’d guess somewhere inside the public folder of a grafana installation.


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Also looking for a solution. I have lots of frequently updating panels on my dashboard and the wheels are very visually annoying.

The following CSS will hide the spinner:

.panel-loading { display: none; }

You may be able to edit a CSS file somewhere in the Grafana files. Personally I use the “Boom Theme” plugin. You add a “hidden” panel to your dashboard where you can add custom CSS in the “Custom Style/CSS Override” field. It does mean you have to add that on every dashboard though but I just use it on a couple of dashboards so that solution works for me:

That is a GREAT solution, thank you so much for this! Instantly works on all monitors that are showing the dashboard.

Made my day :slight_smile: