Blue horizontal line (loader/progress) on the widgets

Hi I recentely upgraded to version 9.5.1 on windows and I’m seeing blue horizantel loading lines now occassionally. Is there some way to turn those off, they’re kind of disctracting? Or is there some way to avoid them?



Sorry but we do not have access to your monitor so kind of hard to see, jedi mind powers at low level today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He is referring to the refresh animation, before it had 2 circular arrows on the corner, now It is a blue line like a “comet” passing thru…

I think you can disable it here: Configure feature toggles | Grafana documentation, but seems that the new UI is here to stay so better get used to it.

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Got it, thanks for the quick replies

Everything else looks great so I don’t want to disable the new ui look/feel but just disable the refresh animation if possible…


Before the blue lines, they used to be refresh icons and they were horrible! I wanted rid of them so I used Boom Theme plugin to add a CSS style:

.panel-loading {
display: none !important;

This stops showing them. I’ve just updated to Grafana 10, and the refreshing indication is back but now they are blue line comets which are much better but I still don’t want them as they are distracting. The above CSS had stopped working, because they’ve renamed the class. So try this in Boom Theme:

.css-12t3ibq-panel-loading-bar-container {
display: none !important;

Seems to work, but I feel like that is a generated CSS class name so it might be different name for you (but inspect it and you can see).
Please note Boom Theme is deprecated.

Hope this helps

Omg! you made my day! :star_struck: These blue lines are sooo annoying… but your workaround still works with Grafana v10.3.1 (ok Boom Theme is still deprecated).

Why there is no simple option in Grafana preferences to turn off these blue “refresh” lines?

Thx dom10!


In upgrading from v9 to v10 for some people whose dashboards I manage, I’ve
had complaints about the new “blue streak” across the panels when they update.

(They didn’t like the twirly thing in the top right corner either, but at
least (a) that wasn’t coloured, and (b) I’d implemented a hacky solution to
turn it off.)

I can’t say I know why anyone needs an update indicator, anyway - if the data
hasn’t changed, who cares; if it has, you see the new data…

So, I’ve been looking for the setting “newPanelChromeUI” documented in this
thread, and I can’t even work out whether it’s supposed to be in the
grafana.ini file or in the web interface. I haven’t found it in either.

Please can someone point me in the right direction to be able to turn this
distraction off?

Thanks :slight_smile:


for some reason I am unable to access their monitors remotely :rofl:

can you please share a screen grab?

A screen grab might be possible, but very difficult, because I’m talking about
the fast-moving blue line which travels from left to right across the top of
each panel border when the dashboard updates. It doesn’t get all the way to
the right hand side of the panel.

Try any version of Grafana 10 with a 15 second refresh interval and you should
see what I mean.

Earlier versions of Grafana had a circular thing which appeared in the top-
right corner of the panels and “twirled” for a second or two, but this was
white (or maybe light grey) on a black background, and also smaller, so not so
noticeable (= distracting).


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The setting I’m referring to is quoted in this comment in the thread: