How To configure a plugin?

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I am new to grafana and very impressed. Im using grafana 4.6.3 on a raspberry pi 3 with influxdb to visualize wind speed and direction data from a network-connected sensor. I installed a plugin that appears to do exactly what I want. See this link for the plugin in use elsewhere:

My site is not available publicly at the moment but I have installed the plugin using a git clone and I have been able to place a new panel of type windrose but I am not having any success in configuring the panel to show the data as I am seeing it displayed on the site linked above.

I know that the data elements exist and are being displayed in a soimple time-series graph, but I would like to see them in this windrose graph. What can I do to troubleshoot here?



Oh right, interesting. Is the plugin code public available somewhere so that I can try it out?


Code is here. (not mine)


Thanks. I would suggest you to create an issue in that repository asking for help of your problem.


I was able to configure this plugin with a few code modification explained here

The result is pretty good.

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