WindRose plugin not showing all options in Grafana Cloud 7.4

Hi, I’ve been using the WindRose plugin on a standalone Grafana instance (7.3.7) and have the following options available to configure the visualization when editing the panel

However, running the same plugin on Grafana Cloud I no longer have the ‘Display’ tab available

Is there a way I can get this to work as it’s a fantastic plugin for showing wind speed/direction compared to a standard line graph.

AFAIK, a plug in must be signed in order for it to work in Grafana Cloud. The Windrose plugin does not appear to be signed. Am sure you can contact the author and request it.

I will try to contact the author and see if that can be done, but I’m not sure if that is the issue here as I can successfully use other unsigned modules in Grafana Cloud

Interesting. I only mentioned that because a few months ago I tried to use this plugin with Grafana Cloud and it did not work. I emailed Grafana support and they replied:

Are you trying to use this plugin : ?
I am sorry to say, this plugin isn't signed yet, and that's why it is not working in Grafana 7.
This [github issue]( has been created to request a signed version, but since the plugin isn't supported by Grafana Labs we cannot help you with this, you will need to wait for the plugin's author to create a signed version.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

I have been using this windrose plugin in Grafana Cloud, and it was working fine until a few weeks ago. Only problem was that to refresh the data shown in the windrose panel I had to reload the webpage.

Now the “Display” tab has disappeared as you say. Guess that means that Grafana Cloud has been updated, and as the plug in is not signed is it not compatible anymore.

This was a very nice plugin, hope there will be a solution so that we can continue to use this plugin.