How to browse locally saved CSV files using TestData DB plugin

My data is available locally in csv format and trying to read that data using TestData DB plugin. But I am failing to browse that local csv file in order to integrate with Grafana.
Is there any sort of configuration settings needs to change? "local mode access " ??
Can anyone guide me here.

maybe try this one?

or modify one of the files in

C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\public\testdata

because the files are static in CSVFileEditor.tsx under

C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\public\app\plugins\datasource\testdata\components

Thank you for reply, is it working for you? I have tried those before too but it ends up with validation error, invalid url

yes works for me, please pay close attention to the path esp in Windows. Which file did you modify?

This works for me too… I was referring to CSV plugin.
If, using TestData DB, we could able to browse and local CSVs that will be great.

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I added my own and change the underlying code but I think it needs to be compiled. Yes would be nice if it could read all files in that folder or any folder of you choice or pick your own file


True and thank you for efforts. May know the file name?
let see if there can be any other way

scroll up for file name

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