CSV as DataSource how to add path?


I installed grafana on Widnows and add plugin for csv, but how to add path for the source files, I try in vew localizations but always the same error, could you help ?

I add this below for config files, both sample.ini and defaults.ini

allow_local_mode = true

I try use path like this:
C:/Program Files/GrafanaLabs/grafana/data/csv/test_wifi_2022-05-19.csv
C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\data\csv\test_wifi_2022-05-19.csv

the problem is tha same

Query error

Get “c:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\data\csv\test_wifi_2022-05-19.csv”: unsupported protocol scheme “c”

what does your data source configuration look like?

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Solved, many thanks the problem was that I had " " but correct is"/" the source for the path and only the catalog name without name of the csv files.

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and then if you look at the Path in the dashboard it says “relative path” meaning relative to this path you have configured in data source.
Also as a recommendation, I would not put that file in your Program Files. What if tomorrow you have a process where by users or some automated process needs to dump csv files.

I would create it outside of the application folder.