Plugins: Installation-Incident CSV Plugin

Hello Community, i have a Problem.

Grafana OpenSource Version v9.4.3 (cf0a135595) - self managed local server instance

CSV Plugin Version 0.6.6

Installation-Path with Folder and Files (with .exe and module.js):

C:\Program Files\GrafanaLabs\grafana\public\app\plugins\datasource\marcusolsson-csv-datasource

Installation how official technical Documentation, see the hyperlink CSV plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

the location inside a Datacenter with a dmz with strong Proxy and Firewall Roles.

Installation was successfully, see the screenshot:

But, if added the Plugin to “Data Sources” Part, then comes this message, see the screenshot:

My Questions:

need the Plugin a network connection and access to an external Service/Server?

→ If yes, which IP Addresses, Ports and more configuration we need for a successfully works?

→ If no, the Plugin works offline (no network connection and no access to a external Service/Server), which configuration must we have?