How do u stop grafana deciding metrics are stale

I’m using Grafana 10.4 with a Prometheus data source.
There’s one scrape_config in Prometheus that is set to scrape_interval of 600s, as the data doesnt to often change.
The metrics are there for about 2-3 minutes after the scrape then they disappear, From what i can ascertain the metrics are being considered as stale and dropped.
How can i change grafana to keep the metrics for longer ?

excerpt from prom config

  - job_name: big-interaval-scan
    honor_timestamps: true
    scrape_interval: 600s
    scrape_timeout: 60s
    metrics_path: /metrics
    scheme: https
      - targets:

That’s not Grafana task, but Prometheus problem/design:

So its not a issue with Grafana marking the metrics as “stale” but something Prometheus is doing…?
If so ill look into Prometheus