How can I set menu Items in app?

I’m developing an app plugin. Assuming the app is named “test app”, I want to build the nav menu as follows.

test app

  1. group
    1-1) Group Setting
    1-2) Group Tree
  2. Advice
    2-1) Advice Setting
    2-2) Advice View

If I want to add a Group menu and an Advice menu, do I need to develop two apps? Is there an easy way to build the menus?

hi @miraekim1031 what you want is the includes property in the plugin.json file (see this) you can see an example in our app example

at the moment apps can not have sub-sub-menus (since the app itself is already a submenu)

When you land on “apps” for the first time, the landing page shows a square-shaped button with the app’s name and description. Can you explain how I can add such a square-shaped button on the landing page?

Same way I mentioned before. Using includes

What kind of property should I use? Thank you for your help.