How to customize (left) side menu to add a new item?

I need to customize the grafana “side menu” (left vertical menu)
How to do? is there a guide or an example how to do?

You may be able to do it if you build an App Plugin.

Otherwise the only option you have is to modify the code, but then you’re on your own.


I hoped that another and easier solution would be available; I will try to create my own app as you suggest.
Do you have a good tutorial to recommend to me; I’m a beginner in node.js developpement.

The best information I can give is to refer to the developing app plugins documentation. I strongly suggest that you have a look at the code in the referenced example app or one of the official app plugins submitted and available on


Hi, I created my app plugin and integrated it within grafana. It’s working like a charm. I had to enable it once I install it. Is there a way to make it auto enabled once we install it? Thanks.

Please could you guide me through how to create my own app plugin. My app plugin would customize the current sidemenu and list the starred dashboard. Any suggestion would much appreciated. Please refer to the screen shot, for now I have the source code (sidemenu) which I don’t want.

Many Thanks

Can you show us the code of your plugin to customize your side menu?
Regards, J.B.