How can i access to my dashboards placed in a local machine from internet?

Good evening mates! I was considering about doing this project:
I want to display 10 arduinos in a room. In the same room, ill have a PC1, where i want to install Grafana and mysql server. All this devices will be connected to the same network.

Last, arduinos will be sending data to the database and ill be creating 10 dashboards for each arduino. Would be possible to access from another place to the dashboards?. I mean, imagine i give privileges to an user to see the dashboard 1. Can he only access from the local room or can he access from his house?

This is not a Grafana question.

This is a networking question.

Provided the machine running Grafana can be made to be accessible from the
Internet (which, if you wish, might involve a VPN so that only users with
access to the VPN can get into this network), then what you describe is
completely possible.

Regarding the detail of how to do this, it depends primarily on what sort of
router / firewall is between the network you’re talking about and the Internet.

The more control you have over that, the easier it will be to do what you

However, for further assistance, I recommend you ask on a list / forum
oriented towards whatever equipment you use for that connectivity, rather than
here, because Grafana will undoubtedly do what you want, provided you can get
the incoming requests routed to it.



Thank you so much Antony

I appreciate your help a lot. I need to read about Networking, because i have some problems when i try to understand how to connect devices to machines which are in other places.