Share a dashboard


I have a question about a Grafana application.

If I want to share a dashboard and watch it on another PC with another user, does Grafana have to be installed on the PC or is it also possible to access it online via the newly created user?

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All you need is a browser and network connectivity between the machines.


Thank you for the feedback. Can you give me a little idea of ​​how to do this?

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Sorry, but your question confuses me.

Are you asking how to install a browser on a computer?

Or are you asking how to check whether one computer can access another across
a network?

These both seem like such basic things, and nothing to do with Grafana, that I
can’t help feeling I’m not understanding what you’re actually asking.

Am I right in thinking you have installed Grafana on a machine, and using a
browser also on that machine, you can see a dashboard which you like and want
to show to someone else not on that machine?

If I’m right so far, I assume you’re putting either
or else http://localhost:3000… into the browser on the machine which has
Grafana on it.

In order to access it from somewhere else, simply go to another machine which
has network connectivity to the one with Grafana on it (ping and/or traceroute
will help you identify this if you’re not sure), and replace the “”
or “localhost” in the URL you’re already using with the IP address (or
hostname, if it’s resolvable) of the machien with Grafana on it, when you put
the (otherwise identical) address into the browser on the second machine,

If all of this doesn’t work, you’ll need to tell us a few things about your
setup such as:

  • what operating system/s and verion/s are you running on the two machines?

  • what are the IP addresses of the two machines?

  • can you ping between the machines?

  • when you enter the address into the browser on the second machine and it
    fails to work, exactly what message is displayed instead?



Many thanks.

I phrased my question badly, sorry. Of course, I understood the basic things that have nothing to do with grafana.

You were right in your assumption and my problem is solved.