Hover tooltip / legend sorting for new time series panel

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 3.43.44 PM

This is no longer available for the new time series panel. How can we sort legends and/or the hover tooltip?

We get these options now, which are useful, but is it possible to sort values now?
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 3.54.13 PM


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see these related issues and chime in where you see fit:

This is driving me nuts too!

Specifically not being able to sort DESC in Tooltip mode All, oof!

Any new suggestions/changes since November?


ToolTip is not the same as the Legend.

What about when the Legend is hidden?

Even if the Legend is shown as a table, changing the sort order of the legend has no effect on the tooltip.

Not being able to sort the tooltip makes it a real issue for graphs that have no legend.

Until this is resolved on the Time Series panel, I will be using the old Graph panel as a solution.

However, what makes me angry is the comment when you switch from Time Series to old Graph:

Consider switching to the Time series visualization type. It is a more capable and performant version of this panel.

I have not found it to be “more capable” when it is lacking the ability to sort the tooltip (both ascending and descending sorts are needed – I have graphs that show all negative numbers that I need the tooltip sorted in ascending order while I have other graphs that need the tooltip sorted in descending order).

hi @devinteske

I believe this feature was re-added in 8.4.0

try this time-series panel on our sandbox or try upgrading and see if it behaves like before? Hoping this gets you unblocked :+1: