8.1 Timeseries missing features from Graph?

So I just upgraded a few graphs from the “Graph (old)” viz to Time series and noticed a few missing features. Not sure if these are coming soon or should I be doing this another way?

  • Tooltip sorting is gone, another way to do this?
  • Legend sorting is gone, another way to do this?
  • Inverse of data to show in/out, another way to do this?

can you clarify this comment?

In the meantime, the squads are working to add as much parity between the old graph panel and the new time series panel. Here is an epic that you can use to track a lot of that progress:

Depending on what it is that you are trying to accomplish, a lot of sorting issues are now resolved using the field overrides feature. IT allows for more granular customizations

Yep a tooltip sorting is a killer missing feature. Is there a way to bring it back with the field overrides?