6.x stats graph missing features in 7.4

I’ve been using Grafana for about half a year now started off on 6.7 and just testing out 7.4 but 2 of the main features I use in the stats graph are missing. My data set has 1000’s of time series and the only good way to visualize this data was to do a stack and then order by max least to greatest and that way I could easily see the time series with the largest magnitude and get an overall quantity of all series.

The new “Graph” allows for stacking but doesn’t allow for an arrangement of data plus the value is no longer present in the legend making it difficult to identify one series over the other by a value.

The new “Time series” graph has the max/min/total etc. in the legend but can’t be ordered and can’t stack the data anymore which is really critical for me and the alphabetical ordering of series names in the legend is completely useless in my case.

My ask would be for the Time series graph if the stacking, legend order features can be added and optionally it would be really handy to have a top N with option to aggregate lower where for example given 5000 time series the top 25 would be displayed and the lower 4950 would be aggregated into one “other” series or not displayed making it easier to see the most impactful series.

Downgrading back to 6.7 is an option but it’s almost impossible for me to use this tool now with the graph and time series in their current states and obviously limits me if I’m stuck on an older version.