Grafana 8: Legend Sort

Hi all,

Since I tried using the Grafana 8, and use the Time Series Panel, it’s great improvement and easy to use of the options. I lost one important feature in the Time Series Panel which is the sort of the Legend, I can show the it Max, Min, Last, Mean, etc, but no sort function in the panel, since the old one have this to sort the values.

Is it any workaround of this feature?

Fadjar Tandabawana


I have the same problem, started around 7.5 and I was hoping they would either continue to allow the old panels or add the sort as you mentioned.

As per development discussion, it will be availabale at version 8.2.0.


is it fixed in 8.2 yet?


As my experience, not yet available at 8.2.0.
I’m waiting too…

Fadjar Tandabawana

I don’t recall which 8.2 version I tried but it was later than .0 and was working, currently using 8.3.4 and it works but have to migrate to the newer time series panel.