Hot reload Grafana to pick up new administration config

I’m using Grafana in a container. Is it possible for Grafana to pick up new configurations without restart?

There is a note right on the top of this page saying that we need to restart: Configuration | Grafana Labs

I don’t really want to restart the Grafana container. Prometheus has an alternative which is a POST endpoint to /-/reload. I’m not sure if Grafana has one.

There was this old post asking the same thing (Can grafana reload configuration changes without restart) but it was closed. I wonder if this is implemented or not. Because the last reply on that thread points to some APIs that are not relevant at all in my opinon. Or am I wrong?

Many thanks.

Hi @nguyenlam1997

Hot reloading is a very desirable feature, and I believe implementation is coming. For instance, with the new plugin catalog feature, which is still in beta, you can install plugins from the UI and they are hot-reloaded w/o a restart.

I’m hoping that hot-reloading is expanded to other admin and config areas as well

in the meantime, yes, you need to reload grafana for many config options to take effect.