Can grafana reload configuration changes without restart

Is there a grafana API (e.g. /-/reload) or a signal that will trigger grafana to reload its provisioning and config files without restart? I cant’ find anything in the documentation, but nor does the documentation state that Grafana can’t reload.


Grafana is not able to reload those configurations yet. This is something we intend to add in the future. I will look into documenting this behavior, thanks for pointing out that its missing from the docs.


I would like to throw in a vote for this feature as well. I am running three Grafana containers in Nomad and pulling short-lived database credentials from Vault. Having the option to reload the Grafana task rather than restart it would be a vast improvement in this case.

Any progress on this?

It will be a so useful feature if we can reload configuration (HTTP API or a signal ) without restart grafana instance.

We are also looking for feature like this. where any changes to our datasource.yml and dashboard.yml can be reloaded with an API or any schedular.

Is there any update on above feature.

There is a set of API calls:

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