Grafana plugin reload witout server restart

Hello everyone. So I’m trying to setup a deployment flow for my custom plugins for Grafana, but the problem is every time I deliver my plugin to the “/plugins” folder, I have to restart my Grafana server in order for it to see it. So far the only relatable thing I have found is “POST /api/admin/provisioning/plugins/reload” endpoint mentioned in docs, but it doesnt seems to work for me.

Hey @artemp2403 :wave:

Just for clarification - you mean whenever you change the backend part of your plugin, right? (In case you symlink / mount your plugins dist directory under the /plugins folder, then the frontend changes should be reflected on a browser refresh.)

Actually, no. I want to support some kind of versioning in my plugin system, so every time I deploy plugin, it creates new folder in /plugins folder. So my goal is to see a new panel plugin in Grafana, not to change the behaviour of old one.