Can't see a new custom plugin in plugin list

Iv’e duplicated a plugin I have into 2 separate plugins (type panel plugins).
I changed the plugin id field in “plugin.json”
Iv’e rerun the go server
I’ve even deleted the grafana.db file
still the new panel is not showing up in the panel list (only the older one).

What can be the issue here ?

OK- whats solved this was to:

  1. delete the dist folder in custom plugin
  2. restart GO server, then make run.
    Hope this helps someone.

If it doesn’t load you should be able to see the error in the Grafana server log. If you install a new plugin (or create a new plugin) then the Grafana server needs to be restarted for it to be detected.

Not sure this is great general advice. Grafana uses the dist folder to load the plugin if it exists. For most plugins you will want to rebuild it and keep using the dist folder.

Your right,
but in my case I duplicated an existing plugin, so that’s why I needed to delete the dist folder, and re run yarn watch.