Custom plugin doesn't show input fields

I used the plugin tools to create a new plugin, it is loaded and appears in the list of plugins. The problem occurs after creating a new datasource, because it doesn’t show the form for entering certain settings.

What could be the cause of this?

Thank you for your attention.

Hey - could you share the steps you’ve taken to run the plugin thus far, and have you changed the ConfigEditor.tsx file at all?

I’ve tried using the generated plugin without changes, I’ve tried applying the basic-datasource from the examples repository, the result is always the same.

In the plugin I run the commands npm install, npm run and mage -v.

I copy the generated dist folder and place it in the plugins folder in grafana open-source, change the folder permissions and run grafana (make run).

The plugin appears in the installed list, but when I create a new datasource, it looks like the picture above.

Can you share your code perhaps, like on GitHub or similar?