My custom builtin plugin is randomicly shown in the connection list

Below the steps i have follwed

  1. forked Grafana repo, followed the setup guide and run it locally.
  2. In public/app/plugins/datasource/my-datasource-plugin i copied the /src folder of a plugin created with npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest
  3. modified then the file built_in_plugins.ts adding the import for the plugin:
const myDatasourcePlugin = async () =>
  await import(/* webpackChunkName: "myDatasourcePlugin" */ 'app/plugins/datasource/my-datasource-plugin/module');

and added it to the map below:

'core:plugin/my-datasource-plugin': myDatasourcePlugin ,

  1. run these two commands:
    yarn dev && make run

The result is:

Hi @salvatoredibenedetto The way you are trying to develop your plugin is not the supported nor intended way. You don’t need to clone the grafana repository or modify any core file to develop a datasource plugin.

Please follow the tutorial here Build a data source plugin | Grafana Plugin Tools to see how to do it correctly.

Thanks for your response @academo .
unfortunately with that way there is no possibility to access to the app redux or have any kind of shared context.
I would be glad to use the supported method but do you have any alternative to that?

@salvatoredibenedetto perhaps you can explain why do you want to access the app redux and what kind of shared context are you interested?

@academo I would like to have a context where to store data to share accross all my custom plugins.
Also since i will need to have a high level of customization of my functionalities i imagine (still not sure) i will need to access to the app redux to get/set info from there.