New plugin can't show in the plugin list

Hi. I’m trying to setup and create my new plugin by following this guide Build a panel plugin | Grafana Labs

  1. I created folder where I stored the new plugin
  2. I added the folder path in the [paths] plugins and set the app_mode = development in the .ini file.
  3. Restarted the Grafana
  4. I executed the create new plugin (npx @grafana/create-plugin, yarn install, yarn dev). All of execution was successful and I restarted again the Grafana.

When I checked the Configuration → plugins, the plugin that I created is not in the list.
Can you help me to figure out the problem? Thank you.

Check logs using “journalctl -xe” command, is plugin loaded successfully…


Are you using docker to run grafana?

Keep in mind create-tool on its own won’t load your plugin into grafana, you need to instruct grafana where to load plugins and in the tutorial you linked there’s a docker command: docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -v "$(pwd)"/grafana-plugins:/var/lib/grafana/plugins --name=grafana grafana/grafana:7.0.0

Notice in this command this part -v "$(pwd)"/grafana-plugins:/var/lib/grafana/plugins. This part of the command is instructing docker to mount the directory $(pwd)"/grafana-plugins (where $pwd being the current directory you are in your console) as the grafana plugins directory.

There’s an easier way though, if you bootstrap a plugin with create-plugin there’s a “server” command in the package.json. If you run yarn server in a console in your new plugin. It’ll start a grafana instance with your plugin loaded on it and ready to use.

Same problem for me and i am on windows, did anyone have the solution ?

@nicolasdossantos248 the problem described in this issue is quite vague and could be many different things. Generally speaking the problem might be that you are pointing grafana to the wrong place where it should load the plugins.

I advice you to describe more your problem and your environment: how are you running grafana? how are you configuring it to load the plugin? where are your plugin source and dist files.

Thank you for the answer, I found the problem, we need to replace the mode who is by default product into development.