New plugin can't show in the plugin list

Hi. I’m trying to setup and create my new plugin by following this guide Build a panel plugin | Grafana Labs

  1. I created folder where I stored the new plugin
  2. I added the folder path in the [paths] plugins and set the app_mode = development in the .ini file.
  3. Restarted the Grafana
  4. I executed the create new plugin (npx @grafana/create-plugin, yarn install, yarn dev). All of execution was successful and I restarted again the Grafana.

When I checked the Configuration → plugins, the plugin that I created is not in the list.
Can you help me to figure out the problem? Thank you.

Check logs using “journalctl -xe” command, is plugin loaded successfully…


Are you using docker to run grafana?

Keep in mind create-tool on its own won’t load your plugin into grafana, you need to instruct grafana where to load plugins and in the tutorial you linked there’s a docker command: docker run -d -p 3000:3000 -v "$(pwd)"/grafana-plugins:/var/lib/grafana/plugins --name=grafana grafana/grafana:7.0.0

Notice in this command this part -v "$(pwd)"/grafana-plugins:/var/lib/grafana/plugins. This part of the command is instructing docker to mount the directory $(pwd)"/grafana-plugins (where $pwd being the current directory you are in your console) as the grafana plugins directory.

There’s an easier way though, if you bootstrap a plugin with create-plugin there’s a “server” command in the package.json. If you run yarn server in a console in your new plugin. It’ll start a grafana instance with your plugin loaded on it and ready to use.