Updating Provisioning Configmaps on the fly without downtime or a redeploy

So I successfully am using the new Provisioning feature that was added in v5.

I am using Grafana v5.0.4.

This question only focuses on the dashboard.yml file where we provide “dashboard providers.” This is great because it automatically creates folders for us when we initialize the grafana container.

However, in the future, when we want to create another folder, it’d be helpful if I could update the dashboard.yml file, creating a new provider with a folder dynamically, on the running grafana container, without any downtime or redeploy.

When we change our Prometheus configuration, theres an endpoint we can hit to reload the configuration. Is anything like this possible with Grafana? Currently, changing the dashboard.yml file does not automatically generate a folder.

Grafana provisioning doesn’t support live reload of the provisioning config yet. You can add and remove dashboard files but not change the provisioner.

Is there any planned feature timeline for when provisioning yml’s can be dynamically reloaded? This would be very helpful for us as well.