Help with 'Fill below to'

Hi, I’m new here so bear with me.

I cant get ‘Fill below to’ working and wonder where im going wrong.

Im using InfluxDB to feed Grafana, its best if I post pictures to help show if I’m going wrong somewhere

Im trying to fill the area between the two graphs. After I select what I think is right in the ‘Series overrides’ section, I lose the display.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Any ideas on the above, Im still trying various things but just not understanding why it’s not filling in the space between the upper and lower temperature with a color.

How about this? I did not play around with all the colors, gradients, etc. but maybe you can get it to look the way you are expecting.



I tried but still failed to get the space filled

The lines disappeared and the space isn’t filled. Just confused as to why its not working, there must be a logical answer.

i have the same issue. sometimes i am able to enable it, but when saving the dashboard and reload it, both lines are there again (with filled areas). I’m on grafana 7.5.3