Problem using 'Fill below to'

Hi - I am using the ‘Fill below to’ series override, which works well, except if I also add a ‘staircase=true’ override for the series I am filling below to. In this situation, the fill never happens.

seriesA, configured to fill down to seriesB
seriesB configured to have lines=true and staircase=false
Outcome - region between seriesA and seriesB is filled.

Change seriesB to have staircase=true
Outcome - seriesB is drawn with staircase, but seriesA and any fill area disappear.

Is this by design or a bug?

Use case: seriesA is temperature, seriesB is setpoint (so needs to be staircase, as values always change instantaneously), and I want to fill any area where temperature is above setpoint.

Using Grafana 4.5.2 with Graphite data source, but also reproducible with the ‘Grafana TestData’ data source.



The only issue I can find on this are this one and it’s still open. So fill below to and staircase is not supported.


Well spotted, I missed that one. I guess this can be resolved as a duplicate of that one then (I don’t know how to do that).

You can vote on that issue on Github to express that you want that feature. Just hit the add emoji and +1.

It’s possible that some other panel plugin is available that support what your asking for. You can have a look at the official and community built plugins as a start.


Well I could vote for that other issue, but I don’t want the warning, I want the feature. Oh well, never mind.