Combine "Fill opacity" and "Fill below to"


I´m running Grafana 8.1.5 and want to use “Fill opacity” and “Fill below to” in one dashboard.
Is that possible?

When I enable “Fill below to” of the two purple values (DHW+ and DHW-) it fills the difference with purple color, which is exactly what I want to achieve.
However the fill of green value is not visible anymore.

A possible fix is to add a zero value and fill green value “below to” zero value, but can I achieve this without this dummy value?

Are you using the old graph visualization?

This is a tricky question but it might be possible using the overrides in the new Time series panel. (It’s easy to switch from the old graph panel - just change the visualization and any properties that are the same will be applied to the new Time series panel).

You can specify a Single color override and a Fill below to for a series:


So maybe a Single color override for Warmwasser and a fill below to override for DHW+?

I´m already using time series and configured it the way you mentioned - without success.
However I just added a Query with math(*0) which gives me a horizontal 0, so I can fill below to this value.
Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

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