Graphing RSS Feed Data


I am a complete newbee to Grafana. I was able to stand the product up without a problem. I installed the “Infinity Plugin” with the intention of plotting start times and end times for issues that we have in our environment. The infrastructure team provides this data to the rest of the company via RSS. There are several things that I need to do with the data before it is usable, but I thought that I would start with some issues that I am having after I connect the RSS feed as a data source. I can see the data in a table format without issue. However the column seems to have this column id’ed as a string column and not a date. When I go in and try to use the override function the data will disappear until I change it back. Any ideas? Are there any good tutorials on how to manipulate the data once I pour it into Grafana? Thank you in advance!

Try to use transformation Convert field type.

@mattmcelwain - Have you tried this AWS Status feed · yesoreyeram/grafana-infinity-datasource · Discussion #244 · GitHub

You just need to select correct columns you want and specify the field type.