Graph x axis date format

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to customize the x axis date format?
I would like to have the format ‘dd/mm’ instead of ‘mm/dd’.
Moreover, my query returns the last 30 days and some data for each one of them but the graph
shows the results in x -axis every 3 days.

Any help would be appreciated

I do not know about the format ‘dd/mm’, but I would like to know it.

The other fact, to see everyday in a graph with 30days you should GROUP BY time(1d) instead of GROUP BY time($__interval)

The results returned by my query are grouped by 1 day… I dont know if you mean something different

Could you paste here your query? To know if there is a mistake with the query or the graph

My query looks like
select date1 as time,
from a
group by date1

and returns 30 rows each one for a day

What is the value of “date1” inside GROUP BY clause?

Its a date datatype.