Day-only time series

I have a time series in a MySQL db where the data points are daily totals, i.e. I’m not even capturing hh:mm because they’re simply not relevant. The column is “date” type and correctly displayed as YYYY-MM-DD in the db.

Is there a way to graph these so that the X axis is divided by days only, without the hh:mm:ss component?

if I understand the $__timeGroup macro correctly, it groups the data points but doesn’t actually change the rendering of the X-axis, tried that but I still had the time component.

I’m looking to declutter the graph a bit.

Also, I can’t change the day format to the correct, 95% of the world preferred right? If not, any plans to add that feature?


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No there is no such option yet.

Alright, thanks.
If you don’t mind me asking here: can I enable anonymous access for panels from grafana cloud? I have a starter plan. All the instructions I’ve found are for self-managed setups

@torkel any comments on the question re: anonymous access? Thanks