Grafana will not upgrade

UI of the Grafana dashboard says:

  • v7.1.2 (b076394cd3)

I have upgraded Grafana based on the following Upgrade Documentation for Ubuntu:

Upgrade Docs

No matter what I do, I still get the v7.1.2 version at the bottom of my screen. How can I fix this issue? I have reinstalled the .deb, added Grafana for source, and upgrade the whole ubuntu VM as well with no issues on the backend. Just when I log in, I keep getting the outdated UI.

Try to clean the cache of your browser. I guess browser has just cached “old” version.

Thanks for the help, and a good idea. But nope didn’t work. I tried it on 3 different browsers as well. Any other options?

Have you restarted grafana-server service?