Grafana status panel dashboard for all servers

Hello Team,

I am planning to create a servers vonage-status panel with InfluxDB database as a source of data. I followed the steps that is mentioned in docs and also in the support link How to build the panels at "status panel" plugin. However, I am not able to acheive my goal.

Created variables for dashboard that will list all the servers with server Name.
Next, I am using vonage-status panel to create the dashboard with repeat option of Server and minimum width 5.
Next again, I have created a metric from the InfluxDB as a data source.
SELECT mean(“cpu”) FROM “server_metrics” WHERE (“server” =~ /^Server/) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(null)

I am unable to see all the servers as there are 20+ servers. Would you help me how I can create this kind of dashboard at once without manual effort for all servers.