How to build the panels at "status panel" plugin

We are trying to monitor the bunch of servers. But we can able to add only 1 panel.
Screenshot from 2017-11-17 15-51-55

At that panel, we are checking for all the servers, like selecting server_name at drop-down box(HOST)
But we need like, to see 200 boxes for 200 servers. Which we couldn’t able to do that. It should similarly look like

  1. Should we need to build a box(panel) for every server manually?.
  2. If yes, what is the better way to build for 200 servers?.
  3. If not, Is there any other way to monitor the stats for 200 servers in the better way?.

Can any one please help us to achieve this?.


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you can use the HOST variable your query and in the panel general tab select to repeat the panel for each HOST variable value.

Hi @torkel
We selected repeat panel, we are getting the boxes which is equal to the number of servers we have.
But, all the servers are showing empty responses.
Screenshot from 2017-11-17 20-52-11
We configured one server, at that server we are able to see the responses. But we couldn’t able to see for other servers.
Why we are getting like this?.
How to resolve this issue?.

Thank you…

arre you using the variable in the query? What data source are you using?

Hi @torkel
I am using the variable in the query. I am using InfluxDB source.

Hi @torkel
After some time, all the panels got reloaded. All the panels are showing stats.
But, at all the panels, we are having same name Servers. We couldn’t able to see the individual server name.
We checked at each and every panel’s query inspector, there it is showing the respective hostname.
How to have that hostname as their server panel name?.
Can you please help us to resolve the issue ?.

Use the variable in the where clause in the query, and use the host variable in the panel title

Hi @torkel

We have host variable at the where clause. This is what my query looks like:

FROM default stats WHERE host =~ /^$Host$/
SELECT field (usage_precent) mean ()
GROUP BY time ($__interval) fill (none)

Present, at panel title, we have Servers as a name. Instead of that, should we write the hostname at panel title or hostname variable at panel title like /^$Host$/ ?.

Thank you…

Just $Host in panel title

Okay, we will check and update here.
Thank you…

Hi @torkel,
It worked.
Thank you very much…

Hey, guys. I’m having a similar problem. I used the $HOSTS. It shows only one box with the values of all hosts, but does not divide each host into a box. In the title it shows the MSG All

Hi @ricardocopriva, you may have missed the repeat panel step.

Hi @torkel, I’m trying to use it with prometheus, but I got some trouble. Below is the configurations, I don’t know why it cannot display as expected. Could you help me to figure it out. Thanks.
BTW, I’m new to Grafana and Prometheus.

My Grafana’s version is 5.x.x

Another graph

how can I use the same with PRTG?
I am going to use it for the first time, and little noob on the query section

How do you get an alert when one of the panels notices a problem with a server? I’m stuck with the “Template variables are not supported in alert queries” bug.

hi everyone i want ask if i can use this to display stat of a machin ON/OFF please answer me and how data will be looks like …

I strongly recommend that you start a new thread, including information about
what version of Grafana you use and what your back-end data store is, instead
of replying to years-old discussions where the people involved may not even be
around any more.



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thank you @pooh i will try to start a new one