Host name in the panel title

I wanted to show the Host name in the grafana panel is it possible? I want to disply both query and custom variables in the same dashboard .is it possible?

Panel options - Title " Hostname: $Host"

Hey @joachimschiewek ,I want to display both Custom variable and Query variable in the same panel .How can I do that ? Is it possible ?And bot the variables should be interactive .I don’t want to use the dropdown option which is available at the top.

Hello @naveenank2001,

I’m trying to catch what you want:
Are you trying to have the little “buttons”
to modify the content of your panel, but inside the panel?

If yes, I don’t know if that’s possible, can you provide us more details of what you are trying to achieve by doing that? Maybe there’s a workaround.


Yes @codi639 I’am trying to show the Host variable like the below first figure .

And I want to display the query variable in the bottom .like the second figure …

In the same pannel …Is this possible ?Both should be interactive .

I’m still not really sure of what you want but I’ll give it a try haha

I have a graphic for my different VM, under my query I’ve configured this:

Which allow me to see my different vm_name and the (host):

Also, With this configuration I’m able to select different VM to only see each of them individually:

If you want to try it, this basically allow you to “select”, with a “distinct” filter, the tag of the measurement you are using in the query.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for

@codi639 I have 3 different hosts.gbt-cass-11,12,13.If I run the query {{xyz}} I will get the output like this .

Here I want to show the host names and the above variables in the same pannel .But I want show host names beside the graph and the output of the query which I ran in the panel in the bottom .

Here the host name may be a custom variable or query variable …But I want to disply both the host names and query variables in the same pannel …

SO you want two legends? One on the right side showing the host names and one under the graph showing the variables?

Yes I want two legends .One to modify the query output and another one is to modify the hostnames.Is it possible ?

@codi639 can we have two legends in a single pannel


Sorry I’m working.
Yes it’s possible, but to setup to two different places the legends, I don’t know…
If you have two queries for your chart, you can easily build two legends, but to customize each legend… I don’t know… :man_shrugging:
There must be a way, but I don’t have it, maybe someone else!

Regards (and sorry)

@naveenank2001 I am not sure I fully understand the question. To display and change dashboard variables, which you use in your query you can try the Variable panel.

You can place it next to your time-series panel to see and update variables.

@mikhailvolkov I’am looking for how to create and manage two or more legends for a sing pannel

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@naveenank2001 I don’t think it’s supported out of the box in the native Time Series panel.

Apache ECharts should support multiple legends, but I have not tried it: