Grafana/Prometheus - Disable hyperlink for a column/rows in a table


I’m using Grafana/Prometheus docker images. I would like to use a hyperlink for a few columns in a table and to ignore for few columns/rows in the same tables.

Is there a way to disable hyperlinks in a table (Grafana Dashboard) - for only particular a column?

Like for example - Consider you have Travis metrics configured with Grafana. Assume builds are passing, then for that build number alone there will be a hyperlink and it will take the user to that build details.

If the build failed - there should not be a hyperlink at all.

How to configure hyperlinks for the above-mentioned use case.
Right now, I have enabled hyperlink for all the required things. But I don’t know-how NOT to give hyperlink for failed builds.

PS - Both passed and failed build numbers are at the same table.