Table panel, disable link for specific cell


I am using Grafana v8.4.4 and the Table panel.

So I am displaying my table with a header and 3 columns to describe the row. then each following cell will have a value from 0 to N. which is the error count.

My goal is to be able to click on the error count to have either a link to another dashboard showing the list of error (or the equivalent in a bubble but I don’t think we can do this).

So I was able to achieve the link to another dashboard giving the 3 first cell as part of the ID plus the row title.
However I would like the user not to be able to click on the first 3 cells of each row since it doesn’t mean anything (or even better redirect to another link).
For the same reason value with 0 error should not provide a link.

Do you know if we can achieve something like this ?



PLease provide sample data as inline csv here
for example

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sure lets say I have something like this


So in this case I want a link when you click on 23 ; 0 and 1 but not on USA; Paris or GMT - 5

I am ok to filter on Header even if I have to hardcode the names (whitelist or blacklist)