Link in table cell to oder dashboard using ClickHouse

Hi everyone,
I’m new in programming things like this. I’m using Grafana v7.3.7. I have a problem with connection between dashboards. I create few dashboard: first one is a main dashboard and there is a table, rest of them have a more information about what is in that table. I would like to create different links ( in cells ) which redireckt to dashboards where is rest of information. The problem is that link doesn’t save in one cell (what I need), but it save in field (column). Do you think the problem is with clickhouse plug in? Maybe I should do something else?
I can’t find solution in the Internet. I did everything which do you advice in this tutorial: Data links | Grafana Labs and this: grafana - Create absolute link with specific value of cell in table view - Stack Overflow
I have no idea what to do. I will be grateful for your help.